Select Fire LLC

RAZOR-A1 22 Caliber Sub Machine Gun

The new Select Fire RAZOR 22 Caliber Sub Machine Gun short barreled carbine. The weapon is selectable between full-auto and semi-auto fire on demand with a two stage trigger assembly. These weapons are built off our Select Fire 10/22 RAZOR receiver frame. Weapon designed with the following standard features:

  1. 920 Blued Bull Barrel cut to 10.5 inches and threaded 1/2-28
  2. Modified Butler Creek folding Blue steel stock assembly
  3. Dominator flash suppressor as standard barrel end.
  4. Built in military rail for multiple optic selection
  5. Premium internal trigger guard parts group
  6. 25 rd Steel lip Butler Creek Magazine

The Select Fire RAZOR-A1 Machine Gun uses standard Ruger 10/22 magazines and many of the same internal components. Making it easy to take apart and clean. In addition, it provides the same platform for most Ruger 10/22 aftermarket accessory parts.

The RAZOR-A1 IS NOT a TEK or NORRELL design knock-off. It is a totally different design that was engineered and tested for Desert Storm. As a military helicopter pilot I was looking for a weapon that was small and would deliver lots of lead in a small package. I also wanted to be able to have hundreds of rounds of ammunition without the bulk and weight associated with the 9mm and .223 I decided to design and build a 10/22 Ruger that would fit these requirements. After several thousand rounds of testing on 2 prototypes the design was finished and ready for duty. However, the war ended very quickly and the design ended up sitting on my shelf for over a decade.





We may be offering the Select Fire Quiet Toy Suppressor/Silencer as a standard feature on the RAZOR-A1. Our Quiet Toy suppressor uses a unique Select Fire cone baffle design that was engineered to offer serviceability, extreme quite operation and can hold up to the harsh demands of full auto fire. The dimensions are: 1.0 inch OD x 6.2 inches long with a weight of just over 4.2oz threaded for 1/2 -28 barrel end. Made from 6061-T6 Aircraft grade aluminum. Black anodized finish with professional laser etching and reversible front and rear end caps.

The Quiet Toy may look like other .22 caliber suppressors but that's about all that it has in common with them. The Quiet Toy sound reduction with 8 Select Fire designed CONE baffles will set it apart from the competition. Unlike some suppressor manufactures we don't shoot from the hip, our designs are based off acoustic engineering, aerodynamic flow and thermal dynamics. Parts are CNCed to tolerance's within .001 on all components. Each end cap supports a three point contact for our robust service tool. This allows for even distribution of torque across the span of the caps.