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Select Fire LLC makes it easy and fun to build your own firearm from scratch. We offer ready to ship 80% completed (Select Fire) 10/22 RAZOR / RUGER  receiver blanks. The RAZOR comes in Machined Aluminum Finish or Anodized in BLACK. In addition, we offer an extended rail model in Black and machined finish also. NO FFL or paperwork is required. You are purchasing an 80% completed CNCed 10/22 RAZOR receiver blank with built in upper rail system. RAZOR receiver blank comes with cavity fully milled out and the cocking slot area completed. Should you want to make it functional you'll need to Drill: Two 3/16 Cross Pin holes, 1/4 inch Rear Bolt Stop Pin hole. Drill and tap one receiver to stock hold down screw hole (#12-24tpi thread) and two Barrel hold down V-Block holes (#12-24tpi). The face of barrel hole will be head-spaced but will require you to find center and complete the drilling/boring to finish. You'll also need to spot drill the Bolt return spring rod seat and magazine 5/16 detent hole. The RAZOR comes with basic instructions (print/drawing) that call out all hole locations and drill sizes. A tool kit is available that provides the basic Tools for completion of the RAZOR blank. In addition we also have a drill fixture that provides precise location and alignment for drilling all required holes in the receiver blank. There is even a video available showing how to complete the RAZOR Note: The Select Fire RAZOR is approximately .350 taller than factory Ruger receiver due to the integrated rail & riser.

We have tried to eliminate all the past concerns customers had when trying to complete this unit. The Select Fire Tools and Drill fixture make it very easy to drill the holes in the correct locations, virtually eliminating simple mistakes like incorrect measurements, oversized drill hole, angled drill hole and drill point wondering. Select Fire wants you to produce a quality functioning product to enjoy for generations. We have tried to keep our pricing as low as possible, making it affordable and fun to build your own semiautomatic 22 caliber firearm. Note: the drill fixture is very robust and will complete several receivers.

Select Fire 10/22 RAZOR receiver blanks are made in the USA from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum stock. They are manufactured using state of the art CNC machines to meet and or exceed the Ruger 10/22 factory design tolerances. This is a very high quality part, well designed with an integral military standard 20mm rail system. We use the best grades of materials and machining technology available. All of our receiver blanks are made from the same quality material used in the manufacturing of aircraft components. ISO 9001 - 2000 quality checks are used on every part to ensure the highest degree of quality control standards are met. From concept to CAD and throughout the production process we maintain our commitment to quality. Below you can see a pre cut crate of billet 6061-T6 Aluminum Bar Stock, The CNC machining process, the interior of the RAZOR fully machined and receiver blank ready for the unique finished sloped design on the tail end.

Like most Ruger 10/22 receivers the RAZOR accepts all aftermarket parts and accessories to include barrels, stocks, trigger groups, optics and magazines. Lets face it, ammunition is expensive, why build a gun that costs $1.00 or even .50 cents a round to shoot when you can blast .22 longs all day for a couple of dollars. In addition, it can be converted to a .17 HM2 platform like the standard 10/22 receiver for those that want the extra fps.

With the RAZOR you build it to be uniquely yours.

New Polished Black Oxide coated Bolt Assemblies for 10/22 with the firing pins secured from rising with roll pin trapping. The bolt assemblies have all contact surfaces micro polished and or surface ground to include the firing pins, they are coated in a Black Oxide for a more tactical look and to protect from corrosion. Roll pin trapping the firing pin prevents it from rising over time eliminating those constant miss-fires due to light or high rim strikes of the firing pin. The bottom of the bolt at the rear has been polished and slightly ramped to assist in cocking the hammer with less friction during bolt cycle. (These are not MAGNUM Bolts)

Select Fire 10/22 Black Diamond Firing Pins now available. If you're having miss fires and light hits or case splitting with factory Firing Pins you may want to change up. Select Fire Pins are CAD designed then precision LASER cut from single sheet of high carbon sheet steel. Each one is then hand de-burred and placed through a Carbonitration hardening process that brings them up to a 48 - 50 Rockwell. They are then bead tumbled for a clean finish. The final process is a Black Oxide surface treatment that protects from rust and corrosion.  (When the ZOMBIES come what firing pin do you want in your head shot weapon)?  (We also have the 10/22 MAGNUM Pins)

Select Fire Black Diamond Extractor Claws  are CNC laser cut from Starrett precision ground O-1 Tool Steel. Each claw is then de-burred, heat treated to 60 Rockwell, hand ground and then chemically coated with a Black Oxide treatment. These claws have a razor sharp edge that will last much longer than any factory extractor claw. In addition, they are CAD designed to provide a more positive extraction of the spent shell casing. Above you are looking at the laser cut material, extractors before heat treatment, lower right picture is after heat treatment and black oxide treatment. These claws fit 10/22 and 10/22 Magnum, Mark 1 and Mark 2 Ruger pistols.   


We are now offering several items that will help with the build of your 22 semi- automatic rifle. Select Fire has hardened 3/16ths cross pins to retain the trigger group. We have the stock to receiver take down  screws,  V-Blocks to secure your barrel with retaining bolts, hex wrench and factory Bolt cocking handle & spring assembly.

Select Fire Stainless Steel Stock to Receiver HOLD DOWN SCREWS. We are now manufacturing 303 Stainless Steel Slotted Head Screws for those of you that want to install the best hardware on your RAZOR receiver. They will never rust or corrode. The finish will always have that stainless shine. In addition 303 stainless is an extremely strong and robust metal.

Select Fire Oversized Charging Handles:  CNCed from either 303 Stainless steel or 1018 Steel. Each Handle is then de-burred, heat treated to 30 Rockwell. Then they are chemically coated with a Black Oxide treatment (except stainless). These Charging Handles are designed to be LARGER, more Aggressive and Robust, providing a more positive Grip during loading and extraction of the shells. You are looking at the 303 Stainless Charging Handle Assemblies. The Handle is also offered in Black oxide finish for the 10/22 and 10/22 Magnum Receivers. Spring and handle are assembled with E-Clips allowing for disassembly and cleaning of rod and spring.

Adjustable V-Blocks to support Barrel droop. These are made from 1018L steel, CNC machined to exacting tolerances, drilled and tapped for 8-32 x 1/2 inch long set screw. Sent out for Carbonitration hardening and then Black oxide coated for protection. The V-Blocks are sold in a 6 piece set (5/64ths Hex wrench, 5/32nd Hex  wrench, 8-32 set screw, two 12-24 tpi cap screws and adjustable V-Block)

To Complete the 10/22 RAZOR receiver blank you'd need to:

  • Drill two 3/16 Cross Pin through holes
  • Drill one 1/4 inch Rear Bolt Stop Pin through hole
  • Drill one #16 wire bit through hole and tap receiver to stock hold down screw hole (#12-24 tpi thread)
  • Drill two #16 wire bit and tap barrel retaining V-Block through holes (#12-24 tpi thread).
  • Drill open (recess) the openings of the two barrel retaining V-Block holes .700 deep (1/4 inch bit)
  • Drill/bore the barrel hole to 11/16, it will be pre-faced for correct head spacing
  • Drill a 5/16ths x 1/4 inch deep magazine detent hole (requires long drill bit)
  • Spot Drill 1/16th deep the bolt return spring rod seat with 1/8th drill bit (requires long drill bit)

Select Fire provides a tool kit to complete the drill work on the RAZOR receiver, it includes all the drill bits and the #12 - 24 tpi tap required for the stock and V-Block screws. The tool kit includes the following items.

1 - 8 inch long 1/8th drill bit
1 - 8 inch long 5/16 drill bit
1 - #16 drill bit
1 - 1/4 drill bit
1 - 3/16 drill bit
1 - 12-24 tap
1 - 43/64th drill bit w/ 1/2 inch shank (undersized)
1 - 11/16ths reamer w/ 1/2 inch shank (exact fit for barrel hole)

RAZOR & MAGNUM DRILL FIXTURES: This drill fixture is very robust, made from 6061-T6 aluminum bar stock. One side of the jig is used to drill Bolt stop Pin hole and Trigger guard retention pin holes on each side of the receiver. The opposite side of the jig has pin locators for the Barrel V-Block retention screw holes, Stock to receiver screw hole and Magazine retention hole. The end has a barrel hole center locator. Unit can be used multiple times to complete several receivers. The design is simple: you secure the pins & fixture tight against the receiver and then use the appropriate pre-drilled holes as drill guides to put required holes in the receiver blank. Fixture is designed to work with all Generation 4 RAZOR receivers purchased after 1/8/2010   Link to pictures on how to use fixture.


The Select Fire DOMINATOR Muzzle Brake / Compensator is light weight and precision machined from 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum. It's available in a matte Black and clear anodize finish. The Select Fire DOMINATOR is designed for all Ruger 10/22 .920 bull barrels threaded 1/2-28. It has 6 exhaust ports hidden within the 3 recessed rings closest to the muzzle end, porting it 360 degrees around the compensator. We are not going to fill you with hype and tell you that it's engineered to reduce muzzle jump, recoil and to assist in faster target acquisition! We'll leave that up to you to decide. Dimensions:  .920 OD (same as all bull barrels) x 2.0 inches long, 1/2 - 28 tpi, it's very light at 1.5 ounces. DOMINATOR is knurled for tactical appearance along with installation & removal.

The Select Fire R25P Bolt Buffer is uniquely engineered for the 6.2 oz Ruger bolt assembly. The R25P can handle full automatic fire rates of 50 rd clips under continuous operation and temperature (Formulated to operate at -30 to +250 F). Our R25P buffer was tested to 10,000 rounds under full-auto and semi-auto fire conditions using 36gr and 40gr  standard and high velocity 22LR ammunition. The buffer had no visual signs of failure or wear. The R25P is cut from a single strand of Polyurethane extrusion. Unlike most bolt buffers on the market, we prefer extruding the polyurethane formula. Molding individual buffers provides opportunity for inconsistency's in injection rate, pressure, cycle times, porosity and cooling. Select Fire offers a Lifetime Guarantee. If our R25P Bolt buffer breaks or is damaged due to firearm operation (full auto or semi) we will replace it FREE. No more loud steel to steel slapping during each shot, no more elongation of the receiver holes, faster bolt return rates and smoother action.  Sometimes the smallest investments provide the the largest returns. Feel the difference a quality part can make!!!   


Select Fire is now offering there own premium line of Threaded Barrels. You specify length 18 inches or shorter. These are high quality Blue .920 and Stainless bull barrel threaded 1/2" x 28 for 22LR silencers and muzzle accessories. They are threaded on a gear head lathe so they are concentric to bore for true alignment with suppressors. These barrels are high quality with a  1 in 16 twist. They offer great performance with a large selection of 22LR ammo.  Custom threads available at additional cost. All Barrels come with a Matching DOMINATOR compensator as pictured above unless you request opposite color.

Note: There are only 3 style barrels, 10/22 BLUED or STAINLESS with no fluting and MAGNUM Blued no Fluting. 


Another new product is our Select Fire .920 Front Accessory Rail. This part will be made in Black and Silver. Material is 6061-T6 aluminum. Parts will be anodized. Unit is designed to slip over .920 bull barrels and clamp down on barrel leaving no marks or damage to existing barrel. Clamping pressure is the entire inner diameter of the front accessory rail. The rail height is exactly the same as all 4 RAZOR receivers integral rail systems. This allows the shooter to install hard mounted flip up sites or any accessory (LED light, laser, sling mount...) that uses a Weaver/Picatinny rail mount system. Unit dimensions are 1.75H x 1.17W x 1.4L. Weight is 2.3 oz. 

Select Fire Quiet Toy .22 Caliber Suppressor / Silencer with Service Tool. We are currently looking for Class III Firearm Dealers to become distributors of this item. Specs: 1.0 Inch OD x 6.2 Inches Long. 1/2-28 TPI, 4.2 OZ, Aircraft 6061-T6 Aluminum Construction , 8 baffle design, threaded removable end caps, anodized black, professionally laser etched. Unit is sold with Select Fire anti-seize / lubricant to protect baffles and interior walls from excess lead and carbon build-up and support tool to disassemble and reassemble suppressor. This is an extremely quiet suppressor. We use Cone style baffles that have been specifically designed by Select Fire LLC to achieve the highest levels of noise reduction from a suppressor of this size. If you are interested in becoming a distributor please inquire for details.

(Note: This suppressor is an NFA item. It can only be sold to Class III dealers, Law Enforcement, Government agencies or individuals on a form 4 who live in states where suppressors are legal)

Select Fire RAT 5.7 x 28 Caliber Suppressor / Silencer . We are currently looking for Class III Firearm Dealers to become distributors of this item. Specs: 1.25 Inch OD x 7.0 Inches Long. 1/2-28 TPI, 9.3 OZ, Aircraft 6061-T6 heavy wall Aluminum Construction , High velocity design, threaded removable end caps, anodized black, professionally laser etched. Unit is sold with Select Fire anti-seize / lubricant to protect baffles and interior walls from excess carbon build-up and support tool to disassemble and reassemble suppressor. This unit was designed to fit the unique needs of the short barreled AR-57 x 28 upper. If you notice, the knurling is at the forward end of the suppressor so it can be easily gripped for installation and removal on the short barreled AR-57 upper assembly. If used on long barreled 5.7 x 28 or 22 caliber pistols or rifles the knurling can be placed at the  rear and the baffle stack can be reconfigured to face the opposite direction. If you are interested in becoming a distributor please inquire for details. The RAT suppressor protrudes 1.5 inches outside the AR-57 upper hand guards. This unit was designed to be very adaptable for use on .22 LR as well as 5.7 x 28 ammunition.

(Note: This suppressor is an NFA item. It can only be sold to Class III dealers, Law Enforcement, Government agencies or individuals on a form 4 who live in states where suppressors are legal)

Anti-seize / Lubricant for suppressor maintenance and firearm lubrication. This product was formulated to serve two unique functions. First, it's a suppressor anti-seize coating. Suppressors develop buildup of carbon and molten lead deposits on all internal parts. In order to reduce the build-up and provide easier maintenance we recommend using this product for coating the inside of tube, threads and baffles of all serviceable suppressors including our Quiet Toy. Our product provides a very slippery surface that assists in keeping carbon and lead deposits from sticking to internal components. Product is also an exceptional firearm lubricant. The main compounds are Moly, Graphite and Lithium. This product reduces wear, increase part life, supports heavy loads to include shock and vibration. Designed to work well in harsh environments, has excellent lubricity properties, superior water wash out and water resistance. Formulated to work in temperatures from -20F to 1800F. Formula exceeds Military Spec MIL-A-907E.  Unlike gun oils this product is a premium lubrication and metal protectant that adheres to metal parts and will not run off. Sold in .85 oz jars. Note: